Drone: Dronezine pays lawyer and fines fees

Drone: Dronezine pays lawyer and fines fees.


Since 1 December 2022, the largest association of drone pilotsDronezine, has been standing by the customer when using the drone. Even in the event of heavy administrative fines or criminal complaints. Dronezine does it at no extra cost through the Small and Large hobby group policies. It includes the legal protection guaranteed by the leading insurer in the sector, valid throughout Italy. 


Here are the cases in which Dronezine’s hobby policies cover legal expenses. The appeal of administrative measures originating from violation of provisions contained in the Navigation Code. Furthermore, also contained in National and/or European UAS Regulations, or issued by Public Authorities. First instance appeals for administrative sanctions are also included provided that, for the violation alone, the sum is greater than € 1,000.00. This guarantee only in case of even partial acceptance of the valid requests by the Insured. This within the limit of € 2,500.00 per event and per insurance year. 

Also in cases of defense in criminal proceedings in cases of negligent crimes. It also includes the appeal of administrative measures originating from violations of provisions contained in EU Reg. 2016/679. Also in the previous legislation on privacy. The legal protection guarantee is already operational for Small and Large policies starting from 1 December 2022. If the customer has renewed a policy from 1 December 2022, all new activations will have included legal protection without price increases.


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