Draft law from Poland: Ukrainian refugee share in the cost

The Polish government has prepared a bill for Ukrainian refugees staying in state-funded dormitories to share in the accommodation and food costs.

Poland, which opened its doors to millions of refugees from this country shortly after RUSSIA Started The Invasion Of Ukraine, Will Ask Ukrainian Refugees To Contribute To The Costs Of Accommodation. According to the statement made by the Polish Prime Minister’s Office the day before, the bill, which envisages the participation of Ukrainian refugees in the accommodation and Food costs in the shelters provided by the state, was approved by the council of ministers. The bill, which is expected to pass the parliament, is expected to be put into effect on March 1, 2023.



In the new regulation, payment segments have been created according to the length of stay of refugees in the country. Accordingly, refugees who have been in Poland for at least four months will cover 50 percent of the costs, while those who have been in Poland for at least six months will cover 75 percent. It is stated that 50 percent of the costs are not more than $ 8.83 per person per day, and 75 percent of the expenses are not more than $ 13.25 per person per day.


Entry and exit of Ukrainian citizens from the country stands out as another issue to be considered in aid payments. While it obliges Ukrainian refugees to inform the Polish Social Insurance Institution when they leave the country, the payments of those leaving the country will be suspended during this period.



Since the start of the war on February 24, 8 million Ukrainian refugees have crossed into Poland , while some have returned, some crossed into European countries. There are 1.5 million refugees in Poland.


Ukraine War workshop was held at ÇANKAYA Mansion under the chairmanship of Presidential Spokesperson and Deputy Chairman of the Security and Foreign Policy Board İbrahim Kalın . In the workshop, it was stated that the prolongation of the war would produce huge costs in global stability, economy, energy, food security and other areas. In this process, the importance of Turkey’s diplomatic initiatives was emphasized.


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