Download and Root with SuperSU Latest Version v2.46 2022

 Hello everyone, welcome to another new Article  from Vasant Developer, in this video we will see how to root your Android device with the help of custom recovery.  So, let’s get started! 



If you want to know what is Custom Recovery and how to download it to your Android device, right now to watch the video about what is Custom Recovery and how to download it for your Android device  Click on the corner.  If you do not have custom recovery, just click on the top right corner to watch my video on how to root your Android device without custom recovery.  By saying this, I will show you that I do not have a root yet.  To check the weather to see if you have a route, just open the root check app. If you want to download the root check app, the Play Store link is in the description box below. 



Now just tap the confirmation root button to check the weather if you have a route.  If the icon turns green then you already have root, so no need to follow this video, go ahead and watch my next video in playlist.  If the icon turns red, it means you do not have access to the route.  Now you need to download the root files.  First go to this page, its link is in the description box below as well as in the blog post of my website.  So, all you have to do now is click on  Now note that the latest version is 2.46 when making this video but, if you are watching this video later, the version number may change. 



Now save the zip file to your micro sd card.  Downloading the zip file can also be done on your Android device, but since it is better with a big screen on YouTube video, I am doing it on my PC.  After the download is complete, remove the SD card from your PC.  Now, insert the microSD into your Android phone and power it off, in my case it is already off.  Now the set of key to enter custom recovery is a little different for each device, if you don’t know how to enter custom recovery, just google it, and I’m sure you’ll find it on google  Will take  Once you have entered custom recovery mode, just tap Install.  Now your customization may vary depending on the recovery version and the type of custom recovery, if you have any problem in recovery I highly recommend watching my video about custom recovery  I am  The link is in the description.  Now the next thing you have to do is find the zip file, in my case they are in the Vasant Developer folder.  Once you have selected the zip file, just flash it.  Do not interrupt the flashing process or it will enter the boot loop.  Once the flashing is complete.  Just reboot the device.  After the shine is complete.  You can see that Super SU app is installed in my app drawer.



Let me show you that I have successfully rooted my phone using Custom Recovery.  Now you can see that my phone is rooted.  This method will work for all phones with Custom Recovery installed.  But make sure you do research on the internet, weather you can uproot it or not.  So, that’s all for this video.  Please share this video and subscribe to my channel, as it helps me get more feedback.  It is being signed by Vasanth Developer.



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