Dogs: this is how they fit into a family


 The human-dog relationship nowadays is formed by a complex architecture. How to identify the coordinates through which to understand the social status of a dog within a family . Know what the dog’s integration levels are in a group. The dog is the most complex animal from a social point of view because it has a great spirit of adaptation, just like man. He is also sometimes seen as an opportunist capable of taking advantage of any context. Its main peculiarity, however, is that it belongs by nature to a group. 


Another feature is also the affinity. The dog is a great observer of social dynamics and understands, among many things, the preferences of each person. It involves the person most available and suited to the task of fulfilling his requests. This represents the affinity systematics. The dog has the main role of guardian of the home , but it also has the task of strengthening emotional ties with warmth and joy. He welcomes his master with love. 

The dog has a hierarchical and rigid organization of the group within which to exercise dominance, it builds subgroups through a network of affinity relationships. The rank is the emotional and symbolic value that the dog has for the family. Humans are willing to do anything and everything for the affection towards their pet. They plan holidays according to him, they live in a house that can fit his space needs. The rank therefore in a dog is a quantitative value not of power, but of expression of integration within the family. 

  • Each in his place: social status and ranks in dogs in a household (


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