Dogs: similarities with their pet mates

Dogs: similarities with their pet mates.


 Many studies confirm it: dogs look like their pet mates and vice versa. The main reason our dogs look so much like us is related to the choices we make. The dog breed you choose reveals a lot about who we are and how our brains work. 


After all, we choose the dog that seems to have similar physical characteristics to us or our family members. Something that comforts us and gives us security, something that tells our heart to choose that kind of dog. How we choose dogs may even be associated with our evolution to find the right mate. Some studies claim that it is also connected to the choice of car. A sort of mixed narcissism and selfishness that pushes us to choose the dog that looks the most like us. 

However, living with a dog goes beyond a simple aesthetic choice. It is a two- way relationship, where personality, behavior and habits also come into play. Each dog has a character and a personality and then ends up resembling its master, since they live together on a daily basis. The dog can take habits, behaviors and much more from his pet mate, standing by his side. In practice, dogs can truly resemble their owners in character and even physically. They are the best reflection of ourselves and our nature. 


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