Dogs: how do they behave when the bell rings?


The sound of the bell or can trigger the dog in the uproar , followed by a continuous and incessant barking. To understand what to do we must learn to receive the message, recognize his intentions and be able to communicate in the right way that there is no danger.


Dogs have a very different reaction to a ringing doorbell. Most of the time, a dog will bark when it hears a bell , whether it’s a bell on the door or a bell on a toy. This is because the doorbell is a new and unfamiliar sound that makes them feel anxious or scared.

Some dogs may even start making noise when they hear a bell ringing. This could be a way of trying to stop the sound. Other dogs may not react to the bell at all, especially if they are familiar with the sound.

Another way dogs can react to a ringing doorbell is by becoming excited. This is more common in dogs who are familiar with the sound and know someone is coming. Dogs may start barking and run around happily waiting to greet the visitor.


In general, most dogs will react to a ringing bell by barking or becoming excited. The reaction can vary from dog to dog based on their anxiety levels, familiarity with the sound and temperament. If you want to train your dog not to bark or get excited when he hears the bell, it’s important to take a gradual and positive approach to the training process.




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