Dogs: Can They Be Grumpy?


A dog is grumpy if he proves it. Only in this way can it be said that he is a grumpy dog . One must keep in mind his story, his experiences, in which situations he shows his negative attitude. 


Its behavior is only partly influenced by genetic heritage, while the evolution of its attitude concerns experience . A question arises spontaneously: can a dog be unsociable with his fellow humans or with humans?

Of course yes, a dog can have this behavior or be anti-social. Maybe towards some people or his kind or some of his kind. One must consider his language and his expressions of behavior . Instead, he could be amiable with individuals he knows and who are part of his family. 

If, on the other hand, he should be grumpy even with family members, one must consider what he has behind him or what his experience is. Then also ask yourself in which situations he shows a negative attitude . Will he be satisfied with the life he leads with you? We can learn to understand the type of experiences the dog has had with you and the type of relationship established between owner and dog. 


If he was aggressive and grumpy but without shadows in his past, maybe the reason could be a physical illness. A visit to the vet is therefore recommended. It is also possible that it is true that he does not like the interaction with the other. Clear proof that things don’t always go our way. The relationship between individuals is complex and will always remain a mystery between animals, between people, and between animals and humans. 

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