Dog: the ideal Christmas gift for your four-legged friend

Dog: the ideal Christmas gift for your four-legged friend.


Make sure you buy your puppy new toy for Christmas. Surely with its liveliness the old one will not last long or will soon be reduced to pieces. Try to anticipate and buy ultra-resistant items that have been tested to withstand even the most aggressive jaws. 


The best gift for your pet is to give it your time. There are games that can help his training, but also to distract him, to relieve anxiety or pass the time when he is alone. The balls are ideal for chasing and chewing. The ball launchers are optimal, there are racket and even automatic ones to regulate launch and speed. Puzzles that give out food prizes are usually the most popular. 

For animals afraid of noisy toys then you can opt for chewing treats . There are sticks of all kinds. There are also packs with various dried snacks useful for cleaning the teeth and mouth, as well as promoting the purification of the gastro-intestinal tract. Also natural chews such as coffee wood, olive tree or heather root. You can also choose knotted ropes. If we are referring to an elderly dog, it is better to think of mental games than physical ones. Always choose toys suitable for your pet’s size. There are also paw-proof puzzles or soft plush or rubber toys of different textures and shapes. 


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