Dog: recognizes its pet mate only by smelling it


Harley, a six-year-old dog , without seeing the person’s face, was still able to recognize his smell from meters away. Her best friend Valeria had her hood, but Harley was able to recognize her with her infallible nose. The two were able to embrace again after six months. They met when Valeria was a teenager, she had long wanted to adopt a dog, but without feeling up to the task. A very strong connection was born between the two, so much so that they became inseparable .

Valeria, after graduating, moved abroad with the dream of being able to have a house all for her and Harley. So they had to separate. After six months of long distance and several trips to different countries, she returned to Mexico. There she wanted to surprise her four-legged friend.

Waiting on a park bench near her house, she waited for Harley to arrive and hid in the hood of her sweatshirt. Harley immediately took the road towards Valeria’s bench dragging everyone. The dog had smelled her, recognizing her, without even seeing her face 4 meters away . When a dog smells his best friend’s scent, he has an emotional reaction similar to that of humans when they pick up on their favorite scent. A meeting between Harley and Valeria full of indissoluble love and friendship.

  • He recognizes his pet mate just by smelling her: Harley and Valeria hug again after six months (


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