Dog: in London falls on the rails and is saved

Dog: in London falls on the rails and is saved.


It’s a scene no animal lover would ever want to see: a dog wandering onto a railroad track when a train could arrive at any moment. 


The adorable Cavalier King fell onto the subway tracks as they boarded the train with their owner. It happened in the late evening of Thursday 6 October at the Elephant and Castle tube station in London. The rescue of the little dog named Sammy was filmed by a passenger who filmed the intervention of some commuters to help the owner and subway workers to recover the dog. 

The man wasted no time in noticing that the quadruped could not go up on its own; so first he helped him off the rails, and then he kept him safe when he was safe he calmed him down with hugs : the dog was really still scared. 

In the video, a man can be heard saying that he is bringing an animal to his office. The poor dog would not have been abandoned as initially assumed, but would have gotten lost and then found himself wandering on the tracks. Furthermore, it would appear that its owner has been identified and that the two are now reunited. First of all, the most awaited news has arrived: its owner has been traced! The man and the quadruped are together again. All thanks to the station .


A similar story happened a few years ago: in Milan, a dog was saved by two police officers as she wandered along the tracks of an underground station. Luckily there was a happy ending here too.


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