Doctors: support with augmented reality viewer


Luigi Rubino, a Genoese dentist, has invented an application that with an augmented reality viewer allows you to remotely guide a doctor in remote territories. A place where there are no hospitals and clinics. The invention was donated to the parish of San Vicente in Ecuador, in the province of Manabi, an area devastated by an earthquake in 2016


Luigi Rubino is also a professor of digital dentistry and collaborates with the Tecnomed company. Falko is the name of the augmented reality viewer. It has a camera that sees the patient and a screen over the eyes that shows images from the cameras. The viewer offers the possibility of combining information on vital data, x-rays, 3D images. The application allows you to connect the headset to an external monitor. A doctor sees what the colleague is doing and can give him the necessary advice and information. An ideal invention for poor countries supporting first-time dentists or those who don’t have the right equipment. 

In Ecuador, a sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna della Guardia is being built in San Vicente, the main sanctuary in Liguria, on the heights of Genoa. Health facilities have been opened around the sanctuary for the treatment of local people, so the invention of the Genoese dentist will be useful to local doctors. 

  • Augmented reality viewer to help doctors in poor countries (


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