Doctors: problems in Puglia, Fimmg regional assembly convened


Fimmg Puglia has convened a regional assembly in Bari in which serious problems that doctors are confronted with every day will be discussedFurthermore, possible actions to be carried out for the definition of a manifesto towards the citizens explaining the reasons for the unrest among doctors will be evaluated


The state of agitation stems from a profound crisis in Apulian general medicine. There is an asphyxiating growth of bureaucracy which takes away more and more time from patient care and disqualifies the exercise of the profession, aggravated by tortuous IT processes which are not suitable for clinical care processes and by a highly disaggregated and disorganized regional health system. Added to this are the lack of personnel, the aftermath of two years of pandemic emergency and the absolute absence of national and regional planning. Young doctors leave their posts after a few months and older doctors who have the opportunity to retire early.

Donato Monopoli, Fimmg Puglia secretary

We ask the Region, which remains silent, what resources it wants to invest in personnel . Fimmg Puglia will be alongside the doctors to add its voice in the complaint for the very serious state of discomfort that the category experiences. In addition, the penalization of high energy costs. A first step towards nationwide action. 


In the new budget law, the complete absence of support measures for general practitioners is unacceptable. The expenses dedicated to the enhancement of proximity assistance and the contracts of the affiliates are included. There is also a union question ready for a national mobilization for the problems of the public health system. 

  • Puglia. Family doctors in a state of turmoil. Fimmg regional assembly convened, possible actions at national level (


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