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Disney + with advertising: nothing but savings, the subscription will cost much more


Disney + unveils its cards: the subscription with advertising will not introduce any savings. In the US, it will cost $ 7.99, as much as the ad-free subscription currently costs. Can you already understand where we are headed?

You understood perfectly well: Disney intends to increase, once again, the cost of the regular subscription. So those who want to continue to pay $ 7.99 (€ 8.99 in Italy) will be able to do so, but as long as they put up with the advertisements . Everyone else will have to shell out $ 10.99 a month , with the option to take out an annual subscription of $ 109.99. For the record, that’s a 38% increase.

The fable of advertising that would have served to make the Disney + catalog accessible even to those who until now had been cut off from the service was, in fact, a fable.

In the US, the subscription with advertising will be introduced starting in December, along with the new prices. In the past, Disney had announced that users will have to view an average of about 4 minutes of commercials every hour of use of the content.

Disney has not yet revealed if and when the price increases will reach Europe and, therefore, also Italy. Currently, we remind you, Disney + in Italy costs € 8.99 per month. Users can choose to pay the subscription on an annual basis, and in that case the cost is € 89.90 per year.


Honestly, we are quite certain that sooner or later the increase in the cost of the subscription will also reach our country. This would be the second increase: at launch Disney + cost € 6.99 per month or € 69.90 per year.


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