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Disney+ raises subscription fees

Disney+ Turkey membership, monthly subscription to 64.99 TL and annual subscription to 649.90 TL within the scope of the increase. 

We have conveyed to you that you  entered the Turkish market of Disney+ in June . Disney+ announced that it has hiked subscription fees. 


Disney+ Turkey membership has been offered to users at 34.99 TL per month and 349.90 TL per year. Within the scope of the hike, the monthly subscription was 64.99 TL and the annual subscription was 649.90 TL. 

According to the statement on Disney+’s site  , these new prices will be valid for users who will become members as of December 8, 2022. Members who signed up before this date will not see any changes to their bills unless they cancel or make changes to their current plans.

Presenting the content of Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, Pixar and National Geographic publishers under the umbrella of Disney+, the company also attracted the attention of the audience in Turkey with its local original productions. 

Disney+, which had 152.1 million global subscribers in the third quarter, added 12 million more in the last quarter and reached 164.2 million subscribers .

All of Disney’s streaming services Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ have  reached 235.7 million subscribers  in total. Disney exceeded these expectations when expectations were 233.8 million. If you remember, Netflix also  reached 223 million subscribers in the third quarter . In other words, the sum of all of Disney’s platforms has surpassed Netflix. Increases in subscription fees may affect Disney+’s competition in the Turkish market. 



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