Dismantling has begun at 974 Stadium! It was built specifically for the World Cup…

Dismantling of the 974 Stadium, built for the World Cup held in Qatar, has begun. Finally, the stadium, which hosted the Brazil-South Korea match, will be taken to Tunisia after being dismantled.

The dismantling of the 974 Stadium, one of the stadiums where the matches were played in the 2022 World Cup hosted by Qatar, has started.


974 Stadium, designed from containers inspired by Qatar’s maritime and commercial heritage, completed its service with the Brazil-South Korea match played in the Round of 16.

The first dismountable stadium in the history of the Cup, 974 takes its name from the number of containers used in the construction of the stadium.

Also, this number represents Qatar’s international dialing code.

The dismantling process of the 974 Stadium will be taken to Tunisia and will be rebuilt there.

Qatar announced that it gave 974 Stadium as a gift to Tunisia.



Dismantling started at the 974 Stadium. It was specially built for the World Cup...




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