Diet to gain weight: gain weight in a healthy way


The fattening diet is a diet to increase a person’s weight, i.e. lean and fat mass. To gain weight, you need to eat more calories than you consume. To increase weight in a healthy and balanced way, you must know the foods to prefer and the relative quantities. Here is the caloric intake per day, as well as vitamins, fibers and mineral salts:

  • 50% carbohydrates
  • 20% protein
  • 25% fat

It is always better to consult a nutritionist for a personalized diet, depending on the patient’s needs and all the factors relating to it on a subjective level. Many people may eat regularly, but not gain weight and remain very thin, sometimes even underweight . The reasons can be pathological or psychological-emotional causes or poor or wrong nutrition .

Here are the foods that can help you gain weight :

  • cereals, such as bread, pasta and rice, preferably wholemeal, because they are rich in fibre
  • White meat
  • fish of any kind
  • egg
  • legumes
  • dairy products
  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • dried fruit, which is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and good and healthy fatty acids
  • oilseeds
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • water (at least 1.5/2 liters every day)

Eating small fractional meals throughout the day is ideal. You don’t need to skip meals and you need to keep a daily calorie count. Diet and physical activity are always a winning combination. The sport that builds mass is weightlifting Anaerobic exercises are super recommended to increase weight and muscle mass . To optimize your training it is essential to consume a meal with proteins and carbohydrates or protein snacks. 


There are small tricks to take on a few more calories. Drink milk, have a snack before bed, ingest energy drinks, play with good fats by abounding with condiments. Reduce situations that generate stress, anxiety and nervousness, since they make you lose weight easily. Here’s an example: to be able to put on 5 kg in just one week, you would need to reach almost 3,000 Kcal. You should never embark on a fattening diet if you have eating disorders and metabolic or digestive pathologies. Here is the “typical” fattening diet to follow to gain weight:

  • breakfast: tea or coffee, a glass of semi-skimmed milk, a squeeze of orange juice and 5 rusks with fruit jam or honey
  • mid-morning snack: a whole white yogurt with fresh seasonal fruit and dried fruit
  • lunch: a nice plate of plain pasta or rice. A second course with white meat or lean fish together with a side dish based on seasonal vegetables. A sandwich or a packet of crackers to accompany the second course. If necessary, replace the first and second course with a soup of vegetables, cereals and legumes
  • mid-afternoon snack: a seasonal fruit or a protein shake
  • dinner: a second course with white meat or fish or an egg or some cheese together with a generous portion of seasonal vegetables. A sandwich or cracker for accompaniment. At least 2 times a week, consume fresh potatoes and legumes.


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