Diesel: here is the increase in diesel and why it costs so much


Gasoline costs 1.3% less today than at the beginning of 2022, while diesel is spent 15.9% more. Those who have chosen diesel to save money have suffered a drain. The reason for the higher price of diesel than petrol can be linked to a specific reason. Gasoline is used as a fuel for private cars, while diesel has other major applications. In addition to lorries, cargo and public transport, diesel is also used for the generators needed to produce energy.


The increase is caused by the progressive cut in imports of oil and refined products worldwide. Having less diesel and using more fuel than petrol has led to a mismatch between supply and demand. The final price at the pump has shot up. Furthermore, in Italy the excise duties on diesel are lower than those on petrol, because diesel is widespread for professional use. Here are the average prices found on about 15,000 plants:

  • self-service petrol at 1.714 euros/litre
  • diesel at 1.838 euros/litre
  • petrol served at 1.858 euros/litre
  • diesel at 1.979 euros/litre
  • LPG served at 0.767 euros/litre
  • methane served at 2.162 euro/kg
  • LNG 2.322 euros/kg


These are the prices on the highways:

  • self-service petrol 1.820 euros/litre
  • self-service diesel 1.934 euros/litre
  • LPG 0.856 euros/litre
  • natural gas 2.332 euros/kg
  • LNG 2.182 euros/kg




  • Diesel drain: by how much diesel has increased and why it costs so much (


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