Diabetes: the risk increases with the consumption of potatoes

Diabetes: the risk increases with the consumption of potatoes.


If you are health-conscious and slimmer, you often tend to exclude potatoes from your diet. It’s good to eat fruit and vegetables because it reduces heart attacks and strokes, various types of cancer or digestive problems or constipation. However, potatoes do not have the same function and the same benefit, indeed they can have negative effects on health. They carry the risk of increasing type diabetes. They have a lot of starch and many carbohydrates that quickly turn into glucose and increase blood sugar. 


However, everything depends on how they are prepared and with which ingredients they are seasoned. Previous studies have shown that potatoes increase the risk of diabetes, regardless of how they are prepared, but this is not the case. “When we looked at the effects of boiled potatoes separately from those of mashed potatoes and french fries, we found that boiled potatoes were no longer associated with a higher risk of diabetes: they had no effect,” say the researchers. 

Those who ate potatoes also consumed a lot of butter, a lot of red meat and soft drinks. All foods that increase type 2 diabetes. Boiled potatoes are not associated with this diabetes risk. French fries and mashed potatoes, yes, because the former are fried and the latter has butter, cream and similar ingredients. On the other hand, green leafy vegetables reduce diabetes. In short, however, potatoes are not harmful in the end, if prepared in a healthy way. 

They are rich in fiber useful for digestion and potassium, which is important for regulating blood pressure. Potatoes also contain flavonoids, carotenoids and phenolic acids that fight free radicals. Well then eat vegetables and include potatoes, if seasoned and cooked in a healthy way, without too many unhealthy ingredients. 

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