Derby match canceled in Australia

In the 8th week of the Australian 1st Football League (A-League), the derby match between Melbourne City and Melbourne Victory was suspended due to the physical attack of the fans on the football player and the referee.

In the 22nd minute of the match, which brought the teams of Melbourne against each other, one of the fans, who crossed the stands and entered the field, hit the host City goalkeeper Tom Glover with a metal bucket in the face. While torches were thrown on the field after the incident, the security forces had difficulty in preventing the turmoil.


After the events that took place while Melbourne City was leading 1-0, the fight was suspended on the grounds that adequate security measures could not be provided to the athletes and referees.

In a statement from Melbourne City, it was stated that goalkeeper Glover had cuts on his face as a result of the blow. The Australian Football Association announced that referee Alex King was also injured during the brawl with the fans.


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