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Demake: This is what Dead Space could look like on PS1

Demakes are an unusual direction for a small number of enthusiasts who imagine what modern games could look like on older consoles. One of them is Fraser Brumley and he showed what Dead Space could look like on PS1.


A short video shows Isaac Clarke on Ishimura. He wanders down the corridor of the station, and then he is attacked by three monsters. The video even showcases tactical dismemberment and the use of stasis.

The video is short, but gives an idea that Dead Space was possible in the distant years of the console’s existence. Nevertheless, it was on it that the Resident Evil series began, so the power should have been enough.

This demo is both a concept for an independent enthusiast project and the start of work on a full-fledged remake of Dead Space . He will try to release it before the release of the remake. It will have only one starting level.

Dead Space Remake will release on January 27 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.


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