Death toll in California storm rises to 17

The number of people who lost their lives due to the severe storm and flood disaster in the state of California, USA, rose to 17. As a result of the collapse that occurred on a road after the rain in Los Angeles, 2 vehicles fell into the pit, while the drivers were rescued by the firefighters.

Death toll in California storm rises to 17.


The severe storm, which has been effective for 3 weeks in the state of California, USA, Negatively Affects Life.

In a statement made by the California Governor’s Office, it was reported that the loss of life due to the Storm Increased To 17. It was reported that most of the deaths occurred as a result of the trees falling on people with the effect of the storm and the vehicles being caught in the flood waters.

It has been learned that approximately 34 million people are in danger of flooding and more than 200 thousand houses and workplaces are without electricity.

It was reported that the search continues for a 5-year-old boy who disappeared after his mother’s vehicle was stuck in the flood waters in the San Luis Obispo region, and his mother was rescued.

While a crash occurred on a road in the Chatsworth area of ​​Los Angeles, 2 vehicles fell into the ditch.


The fire brigade team, who came to the region, managed to save the trapped vehicle drivers after intense efforts. The drivers with minor injuries were taken to the hospital.


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