Dear mountain: skypass will be subject to a 12% increase


The increase in bills is also felt on the mountain economy . Estimates by Anef, the national association of cableway operators, say that the price of ski passes should increase by up to 30% . This is the card that gives free access to the ski facilities. An increase that aims to balance the higher costs that weigh on the managers. Valeria Ghezzi, the president of the association, assured that the increases for skiers will remain between 5 and 12%.


We strongly ask that the government formally recognize the cableway companies as energy-intensive and help them deal with this difficult situation which, unfortunately, does not depend on entrepreneurial ability.

Valeria Ghezzi, president of Anef, National Association of cableway operators

The association has already made a calculation that the energy component will influence from 10 to 30% of the budgets of companies with ski cableways. Today ANEF covers 90% of the turnover of Italian companies in the ski cableway sector. There are over 1,500 plants and an estimated workforce of 11,000 people, both permanent and seasonal.


Let’s talk about the Domobianca ski resort, in Verbano-Cusio-Ossola. The annual cost of electricity will go from 60 million euros in 2021 to an estimated 250 million for the next ski season. Ski passes will have an increase of about 10%.


It seems to us a correct increase. The big stations have dictated the law on this, having come out with increases ranging from 10 to 15%, with this increase we do not cover the extra costs in the slightest.

Federico Sciagata, chief operating officer of the Domobianca360 company

  • From expensive bills to expensive mountains: 12% increase in expected skypass (


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