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Dead Space Remake: Video Diary chronicles the genesis of Isaac’s armor


Dead Space Remake returns to show itself in a new video diary entirely dedicated to the genesis of the iconic  armor worn by the protagonist of the game, Isaac Clarke. In the video, which you find below, the designers of the Canadian subsidiary of Electronic Arts discuss the changes introduced in the construction of Isaac’s armor which apparently would be inspired by the animated series  Neon Genesis Evangelion .


This was revealed by the designer who created it, Chi-Wai Lao, speaking of how Hideaki Anno’s anime influenced the aesthetics of the suit and in particular the support for the spine and the design of the Entry Plug. Hence came the idea to very prominently display the spine and life support systems in the rear of the armor in Dead Space .

To create the new version of Isaac’s suit, the team started from the original model and then inserted new modifications and details in order to make it more realistic and suitable for the modernized context of the new version of the game. But that’s not all: to create a more modern version of the armor, the team went beyond a mere aesthetic component, even studying the internal structure of the suit to make it even more likely.

Announced during EA Play Live 2021,  Dead Space Remake is the remake of the famous 2008 cult. The game will offer new current-generation graphics, a new lighting system, Isaac’s voice acting (he didn’t speak in the original) with the voice actor for Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 and other gameplay improvements, such as a new necromorph dismemberment system and much more.


Dead Space Remake will be available starting January 27, 2023 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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