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Dead Space Remake, update 1.04 available: here’s what changes

The new Dead Space Remake update is out now.

EA Motive has just surprisingly released a new update for Dead Space Remake across all platforms, just a few days after the last patch that aimed to fix serious graphical bugs.


The return of one of the most loved survival horror games (which you can find on Amazon ) was undoubtedly one of the flagship games of early 2023 , conquering not only fans of the original title but also many new players who are exploring the USG Ishimura for the first time .

After the previous update that fixed many problems related to VSR , the 1.04 update aims to implement further improvements for the overall user experience, both on consoles and on PC.


In fact, the complete changelog of the update reports optimizations and fixes to performance and stability , as well as some corrections on the UI and other minor bug fixes.

Patch 1.04 also aims to solve the problems due to stuttering and lag , although in this aspect the work of EA Motive could only be in its infancy and not completely resolved.


DSOGaming has in fact already tried the update and confirmed that it still encountered some stuttering problems during gameplay, a sign that probably the patch has not yet managed to fully optimize the title on all devices on the market.


In any case, the fact that the new patch was made available just over 48 hours after the last substantial update is a clear demonstration of Electronic Arts’ willingness to resolve all problems as soon as possible.

We remind you that the 1.04 update is already available for download on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S: approximately 256MB will be needed to be able to install the new version of Dead Space Remake .

The remake was also highly appreciated by Glen Schofield, author of The Callisto Protocol and creator of the original chapter, who wanted to publicly thank EA Motive for the care taken in recreating it.


A success that could only represent the beginning of a new saga: the authors have in fact underlined that they already have ” ideas ” for possible new chapters of Dead Space .


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