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Dead Space Remake took two and a half years to make, EA Motive reveals

Dead Space Remake took two and a half years to make, EA Motive reveals.


Dead Space Remake took two and a half years to develop. This was revealed by EA Motive during the AMA (a question and answer session) on Reddit. The producer Philippe Ducharme has revealed that the start of the works dates back to September 2020.


We started in September 2020. Most of our development team are finished working on Star Wars Squadrons, which was released around that time,” said Ducharme.

During the AMA on Reddit, other interesting details also surfaced. For example, creative director Roman Campos-Oriola revealed that the team had initially thought about the possibility of adding a new feature that would allow Isaac to quickly turn 180 degrees with a certain controller input. In the end, however, the idea was rejected as it would have compromised the very experience of fighting with the Necromorphs, also limiting the tension arising from them.

Finally, it was explained why the  light from Isaac’s visor is less bright in the Dead Space remake than in the original game. “ There is actual light coming from the headset, but we decided to make it less intense than in other titles in the series. The reason is that the game is much darker, and that light, when it’s too bright, turns into a constant flashlight. So we decided to reduce it and keep it as a detail only when you get close to a wall ,” said game director Eric Baptizat.



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