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Dead Space Remake: Patch 1.003 available for PS5 and PC, all the details of the update

Dead Space Remake: Patch 1.003 is available for PS5 and PC, all the details of the update.


Dead Space Remake is updated on PS5 and PC (via Steam) with the arrival of Patch 1.003 which fixes some graphical issues present in the game since launch. According to the notes shared by the Update Crazy portal, the new update, in addition to resolving graphical problems, also fixes performance problems on PS5 and some minor bugs. Among these, there is also the bug relating to the use of VRS (Variable Rate Shading) which caused some problems in terms of graphics.


The patch is now only available on PS5 and Steam. As for the Xbox Series X|S and PC version via EA App , the next update could be released next week.

Before leaving you, we remind you that Dead Space Remake is the remake of the acclaimed sci-fi horror by EA Redwood (later Visceral Games). The original game has been entirely rebuilt inside the Frostbite engine owned by Electronic Arts, refined to obtain some specific effects regarding Dead Space, with particular attention to the  management of the lights.  The new lighting system allowed the team to obtain  dynamic shadows  and a  different color rendering according to the settings, making the environments even more claustrophobic and disturbing. Let’s read the official synopsis:

Classic sci-fi survival horror Dead Space returns, redesigned from the ground up to deliver an even deeper and more immersive experience. This remake offers great visuals, atmospheric sound and gameplay improvements while remaining faithful to the original vision.


Isaac Clarke is an engineer assigned to repair a huge space ship, the USG Ishimura, but he discovers that something has gone terribly wrong. The crew has been slaughtered and Isaac’s girlfriend Nicole is lost somewhere on board.

Dead Space Remake is available today on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X.


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