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Dead by Daylight: the new killer is a tech entrepreneur obsessed with cyber-surveillance

Dead by Daylight: the new killer is a tech entrepreneur obsessed with cyber-surveillance.


BHVR has officially announced the next DLC of its acclaimed video game Dead by Daylight, which this year is preparing to celebrate seven years of activity. It’s called Tools of Torment and will include three new characters, including a new ruthless killer inspired by the world of technology.


The roster of playable killers already includes some of the legends of horror, including Ringu’s Sadako, Hell Raiser’s Pinhead, as well as Freddy Kruger, Michael Myers and Leatherface. Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric online horror game : during each game four survivors must work together to fix five generators and be able to open the gates to escape, before being slaughtered by a killer who is hunting them.

Tools of Torment introduces the Skull Merchant , a cyber-surveillance-obsessed killer who, in her former life, was the CEO of a tech startup. Her power? Litter the map with drones hunting down survivors.

Adriana Imai , aka The Skull Merchant, is a wealthy tech executive who, when not eliminating the competition like any good monopolist, uses the skulls of her past victims to build aerial drones to hunt down her next prey.


The Skull Merchant’s power, Eyes in the Sky, allows her to send out up to four drones to search for survivors she must eliminate. Once Imai has identified her targets, she can use a claw to take them out. Along with Imai, Dead by Daylight developer Behavior Interactive has added two new survivors as part of the “Tools of Torment” update. Thalita and Renato Lyra are siblings originally from Brazil. Before being thrown into the hell that is the world of Dead by Daylight, Thalita and Renato owned a kite flying business that supported the children of their local community. The two characters introduce six new perks that especially reward collaboration with the other survivors.

“Tools of Torment” also finally introduces the new updated version of some of the older maps, including Shelter Woods . The DLC will be available starting March 7 when it arrives on PC and consoles.

In the meantime, the public beta for PC is available and you can get an idea of ​​the characteristics of the new characters by taking a look at the videos of some content creators. The opinions of the community are not particularly enthusiastic and many players are already clamoring for the skills of the killer, judged far from the current meta , to be rethought.


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