Culture bonus: for those born in 2004 it arrives from January 2023

Culture bonus: for those born in 2004 it arrives in January 2023.


The boys, born in 2004, starting from 31 January 2023 have the possibility to ask for the 500 euro culture bonus. An electronic card, which is recognized to eighteen-year-olds to purchase cultural products. To access the culture bonus, those directly involved must register from 31 January 2023 using the Spid io Cie credentials. 


The amount of 500 euros must be spent no later than April 30, 2024 . For those born in 2003, the deadline for registration expired in August 2022. Once activated, those directly involved will be able to spend the 500 euros received in companies and structures that have registered in a specific list. This sum does not contribute to the formation of taxable income , it is not included in the calculation of the Isee value. With the culture bonus of 500 euros, 18-year-olds will be able to buy:

  • books
  • recorded music
  • audiovisual publishing products
  • admission tickets to museums, exhibitions and cultural events, monuments, galleries, archaeological areas, natural parks
  • tickets to theater and cinema performances and live performances
  • subscriptions to newspapers and periodicals, also in digital format
  • music courses
  • theater courses
  • foreign language courses

The amount can be used through shopping vouchers, which can be used directly by the holder. For every single purchase, in fact, it is necessary to directly access 18 apps and generate a bonus. You can choose the typology, the context, the type of good to be purchased by entering the total amount of the expense. 




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