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Cult of the Lamb shows up in a new trailer

Cult of the Lamb returns to show itself in a new trailer that explains how to create our religious sect.


Cult of the Lamb , Massive Monster’s roguelike action RPG, returns with a new trailer that explains how to create our sect. The video, which you find below, opens with some hints on the story : in the game, we will impersonate a lamb who, having escaped a sacrifice thanks to the intercession of the powerful “The One who waits”, will be forced to create a cult in his name. to repay the debt.

The trailer tells us how to start  creating our sect. First, we will have to increase our flock by increasing the number of our followers and converting them to exploit their faith. Next we will have to meet the needs of our followers to transform our sect into a small bucolic community. To do this, we will have to guide them, feed them and give them gifts. Their happiness will make our shrines shine with faith. If they are not satisfied, however, over time they will begin to lose faith and end up rebelling. At that point we will be the ones to choose whether to re-educate them or sacrifice them to the gods.

We remind you that Cult of the Lamb will be available starting from 11 August 2022 on PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox.


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