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Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion: launch trailer for the spin-off starring Zack Fair


Starting today  Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, as the usual launch trailer just released by Square Enix reminds us. Let’s see the video:


Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion  is the new version of the prequel spin-off of the beloved chapter of the Square Enix series , released only on PSP back in 2007. The game tells a story set 7 years before the events of Final Fantasy VII and starring Zack Fair.

The game includes a number of technical and graphical improvements compared to the original version including improved camera and character movements, a new menu-based battle  system, improved interface, new arrangements made by Takeharu Ishimoto and a  complete voice acting of the scenes that on PSP were text only. In addition, this edition includes an exceptional soundtrack to present Final Fantasy VII in a new light.

In our review, we underlined how Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion is “ one of those remastered ones for which a remake would have been needed instead. The original game from fifteen years ago filled in the gaps in story, pacing and several mechanics with breathtaking graphics quality for the PSP and some story details that were worth the price of the UMD. This remastered retains all the pros and cons with the utmost fidelity, but pays the bill for an unconvincing graphic upgrade and defects that have aged quite badly.However, the value it has in the FFVII compilation remains undeniable: the character of Zack and his relationships with other protagonists already known to fans of Cloud and co. are of the highest value and deserve to be experienced if you want to fully appreciate all aspects of the story of Final Fantasy VII, as long as you close both eyes to the “main storyline” of Angeal and Genesis, one of the worst ever seen in the entire series with double F license plate. ”

  • CRISIS CORE –FINAL FANTASY VII– REUNION | Launch Accolades Trailer (


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