Creativity: typologies according to DeGraff

Creativity: typologies according to DeGraff.


Jeffrey Thomas DeGraff is famous for his work on conflicting values ​​and complex learning. Furthermore, he classified creativity into five types of creativity. We can all be creative if we explore and exercise that capacity. All humans possess the seed of creativity which is divided into five levels of creation, from the simplest to the most complex. It depends on how much you can develop it, exercise it, and then bring it to light. Here are the five types of creativity, according to DeGraff:

  • mimetic: Occurs when someone takes an already created shape or process and then applies it in a new context
  • analogical : it occurs when a relationship is established between two realities which, in appearance, are different. It turns out that there are commonalities in both form and function 
  • disociative: the integration of two elements or two techniques to produce a new useful element or result. It is achieved through brainstorming with the 3 Fs. Fluency, it is more productive to have many rough ideas rather than a few well defined ones. Flexibility, often the most correct idea is not the one that appears better structured. Flow, fun and relaxation help to give birth to new ideas
  • narrative : a linguistic code for producing coherent and captivating narratives
  • intuitive : a connection with one’s inner world, guided by emotion and sensitivity.


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