Crazy Greek broke the barrier and went to TRNC

A Greek Cypriot who came from the Greek Cypriot administration to the Ledra Palace crossing point, one of the border gates that divides the capital of the TRNC into two, from the Greek Cypriot administration, broke the barrier with his vehicle despite the police’s warning that it is only open to pedestrians and crossed to the Turkish side. A 34-year-old Greek named AN, whose initials were revealed, was arrested.

Only diplomatic vehicles are allowed to pass through the border gate used by pedestrians. Greek AN, 34, Who Came To Ledra Palace in the afternoon of the previous day, argued with the TRNC police and wanted to pass through the door with his car. Despite the police passing in front of the vehicle, AN stepped on the gas and broke the barrier and crossed to the Turkish side. The TRNC police opened fire on its tires to stop the car.



The Greek Cypriot, Who Was Brought To Court In The TRNC , was accused of breaking the barricade and violating the military forbidden zone despite the police’s warning to stop. In his defense, AN said, “They treated me badly, and when I passed, they pulled out a gun and opened fire.” Court judge Nil Çeliker sent the suspect to prison on condition that he was arrested and his cases were not exceeded for one month. 


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