Couple: how to overcome the detachment of the partner

Couple: how to overcome the detachment of the partner.


If the desire is lacking in a relationship, then it becomes a serious problem. Sex and moments of intimacy are essential for a couple. If your partner doesn’t want you, it doesn’t mean immediately that there may be a definitive break in the relationship. Lack of sex drive can be fixed. Here are some causes of this lack of desire on the part of the partner and ways to solve it. 

  • infidelity: the lack of sex is one of the main reasons why an extramarital affair could arise. The first step is couples therapy
  • problems in the couple: if there are too many quarrels or emotional distance due to jealousy or infidelity, it is normal for sexual attraction to decrease
  • sexual dysfunctions: Premature ejaculation or vaginitis can make your partner not want you. Better to consult a doctor. Sexual dysfunctions can also be caused by external agents such as alcohol
  • boredom: when a couple has been together for several years, it is easy for routine to ruin the relationship. Wood must be added to the fire, so that the flames rekindle or continue to burn
  • stress and/or anxiety: they cause hormone alterations and physical and psychological changes that affect sexual desire 
  • monotony in bed: taking the same sexual positions and repeating the same thing kills desire. Experiment with new forms of pleasure
  • fear of not satisfying the other: a person feels the worry of not being able to satisfy his partner in bed. This can lead to avoidance or refusal of sexual intercourse

The way to fix the lack of sex drive is to know the solutions to deal with the problem. Here ‘s what to do if your partner doesn’t want you. The following solutions depend on the circumstances: 

  • talk openly: do it with your partner about concerns that distress you. Lead a more active sex life, be totally honest and understanding, with respect 
  • find obstacles and solve them: discover the cause of the problem and act accordingly 
  • review expectations and beliefs: the absence of sex in a couple is a symptom of problems. If the cause is not found in an existing pathology, then try to reflect on one’s own values ​​regarding the matter. There’s a lot to think about
  • professional help: if the problem is physical, then a specialist is needed. This also applies to a problem of a psychological nature: a sex therapist or a couples therapist

If the desire decreases it is normal: the causes can be children, lack of time, stress. There are therefore many solutions to improve the situation or recover it, if sex ends or is in crisis, all is not lost. It is said that the relationship is not at the end of the line. However, if you don’t want to make any effort to recover it, then it means that the relationship could really be over .


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