‘coup’ operation in Germany… Dawn raid was carried out! There are many arrests

Germany carried out a large-scale operation with the participation of 3 thousand security personnel. It was announced that at least 25 people were detained as part of the operation, and that these people were plotting a coup against the government. Here are the first images from the dawn raid…

Around 3,000 security forces, including heavily armed and specially equipped special teams such as GSG9 and SEK, participated in the raids, which were carried out simultaneously with the code name ‘Soko Schatten’ at 06:00 in the morning.


Searches were made in 137 places belonging to 52 suspects in total. 25 people were detained in the first phase of the raids. As part of the operation, they raided a house in Wannsee, one of Berlin’s favorite places and where villas are located.

The Waidmannsheil hunting lodge in Bad Lobenstein, Thuringia, is among the raided venues.


Coup operation in Germany... Dawn raid carried out There are many detentions


Police raided about 30 properties in the state of Baden-Württemberg and a car repair shop and a carpenter’s workshop in the Erz Mountains in Saxony.


While the searches were carried out in Bavaria, Hessen and Lower Saxony, with international support, searches were also carried out in Austria’s Kitzbühel region and Italy. Russian national Vitalia B., German citizen Alexander Q. and Frank R. were arrested as suspected supporters.

It is claimed that the 50-member group, which does not recognize the modern German state, wants to destroy the republic and establish a state modeled after the 1871 German Empire (2nd Reich).

It was noted that the group planning the coup came together around these two names. The other members of the union, which was formed under the leadership of two names, consist of the following names: Maximilian E., Michael F., Paul G., Norbert G., Markus H., Frank H., Matthias H., Ruth L., Andreas M., Thomas M. ., Harald P., René R., Melanie R., Ralf S., Wolfram S., Thomas T., Marco v. H., Rudiger v. P., former AfD City Councilor Christian W., and Peter W.


Coup operation in Germany... Dawn raid carried out There are many detentions


The first data about the organization that planned the coup came to light when the Berlin Criminal Bureau tracked down a person living in Hessen and the secret alliance around him.

The Berlin Senate reported the information obtained to the federal security authorities at the end of August 2022 on suspicion of an ‘anti-constitutional group’.

Making a statement regarding the incident, the Chief Prosecutor’s Office stated that the suspects are members of a terrorist organization that was established by the end of November 2021 at the latest, aiming to abolish the current state order in Germany and replace it with its own outlined state form, and that the suspects risk the death of people with their actions. recorded.


Coup operation in Germany... Dawn raid carried out There are many detentions


It was stated that the suspects wanted to form a new government after the coup. It was claimed that the new government to be established was planned to act according to monarchical principles and to be divided into different ministries as a ‘principality’.

It was emphasized that even the distribution of ministries and other duties was made.

The Federal Prosecutor said the group had been plotting a coup since November 2021. It is mentioned that retired soldiers have a significant weight in the group and that there are former special unit members among the members.


The right-wing group called ‘Reichsbürger’ (Imperial Citizens) consists of people who do not know the Federal Republic of Germany and its state structure. The organization claims that the German Empire from 1871-1945 will continue to exist.

Because they do not recognize the Federal Republic of Germany , they often refuse to pay taxes and do not recognize their courts. According to the data of the Organization for the Protection of the Constitution, which is responsible for domestic intelligence, it is estimated to have approximately 21 thousand members or followers. 


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