Cotton oil: what you need to know


Cotton is very popular in the textile industry, obviously, but also for the seeds, from which cotton oil is obtained. It is used for explosives, rubber, cosmetics, and the food industry. It has various uses, it is a light yellow and purified food oil, very delicate and pleasant.


Before use, it is refined to remove the gossypol, a toxic substance. When it is not refined it is used as an insecticide. An oil rich in vitamin Eantioxidant, and anti-aging. It has a good percentage of polyunsaturated fat and little saturated fat. Also, it has a low cost. 

If included in a diet it helps the cardiovascular system because it has little cholesterol and fights aging. It is obtained by cold pressing from the seeds of the cotton flower, which are inside a hard shell. In cosmetics it is widely used due to its delicacy , ideal for children’s skin, especially for newborns’ redness. In addition, it is moisturizing, regenerating, elasticising and protective. It has a restructuring power for the hair making it soft and shiny. 

The restructuring hair mask with cotton oil is recommended. Just a few drops on your hands and apply it to the hair, ends and lengths, without doing it on the roots. Leave on for at least half an hour and then shampoo. 

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