Corn Fiber: Environmentally friendly with numerous uses

Corn Fiber: Environmentally friendly with numerous uses.


Let’s discover the many uses of corn fiber. The production method and its many properties. An environmentally friendly and completely natural material. With this fibertotally biodegradable panels are made, without any toxic substances. It has a highly breathable functionality with excellent thermo-acoustic insulating properties. 


The corn kernels are fermented to extract the polylactic acid, which is processed to produce the fibers. To create the panels, a mixture of 70% normal-type fibers and 30% bicomponent fiber is made. These fibers in thin veils are introduced into ovens at 160 degrees. This allows the thermo-binding of the fibers and the formation of different panels. In construction, corn fiber is ideal as an insulating material . The properties of corn fiber are many: corn fiber panels are thermal insulators, 100% biodegradable, acoustic insulators, non-toxic. 

Corn has the advantage of low cost and has ease of care and washing for fabrics made from its fiber. These fabrics are resistant to dirt and are easy to remove stains, they do not felt. In addition, they are resistant to UV rays. Corn fiber is used a lot for making ropes and containment nets, but also for mattresses and blanket padding. It has the advantage that it is easy to clean, absorbs moisture improving sleep 

The corn fiber contained in foods helps the well-being of the bacterial flora of the intestine. It is a non-caloric ingredient and does not sweeten. It has high stability to acidity, freezing-thawing cycles and thermal treatments. Totally biodegradable, in about 3 months it turns into carbon dioxide and water. Otherwise, it is fully recyclable and reusable as a raw material. Its disposal is equal to the composting of wet household waste. 



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