Corals: Seychelles is committed to conserving them

Corals: Seychelles is committed to conserving them.


Seychelles has suffered from global warming and ocean bleaching events . The Marine Conservation Society Seychelles has always studied corals and is looking for a viable way to restore them. Reef regeneration benefits the nearly 500 million people who rely on it for food, income and coastal protection. 


Active conservation and restoration are two activities that help coral survival. The “gardening” of the corals is adopted, that is, the collection of small fragments from large colonies of healthy corals. Then they are placed in ideal parts of the ocean, where they can achieve maximum growth. 

To conserve corals there must be reproduction, adaptation to the environment and risks reduced to a minimum. A monthly check lets you know size, death, disease, and whitening. The results achieved were important: 11 nurseries stocked, 6 new colonies, 240 individually monitored fragments. Also included 38 different genotypes, 3 different species of Acropora 838 cm2. Furthermore, a photomosaic is made before and after the coral transplant . These sea areas were created thanks to the repopulation of coral. The production of larvae, the creation of nurseries and the revitalization of foraging stations for migratory species have restarted. 


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