Copernicus: September 2022 is the fourth warmest on record


September 2022 was colder than average in Europe , but globally, with temperatures 0.3 degrees above average, it was the fourth warmest month of September ever observed. Greenland has suffered the worst effects as, in some cities, temperatures have reached 8 degrees above the average.

This is what the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) bulletin discloses. The results are based on measurements taken from satellites, ships, planes and weather stations around the globe.

Of the map obtained, what is certainly striking is the bright red of Greenland which has gone through the hottest month of September since 1979, counterbalanced by the blue that extends from the central part of Europe to Russia . According to measurements, the average temperature in September in Europe is about 0.4 degrees lower than the average temperature measured between 1991 and 2020.

Sea ice in the Arctic was about 3% below average, although in a couple of Siberian areas this was above average.

  • Copernicus, September 2022 the fourth hottest ever recorded (


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