Cooperation between China and Turkey is expanding

The National Energy Investment Corporation has published two annual reports on sustainable development in China and Turkey.

National Energy Investment Institution, “Report on Sustainable Development Practices of Chinese Enterprises in Turkey” and “Strengthening Cooperation in the Development of Green Energy and Energy Industry” regarding the cooperation between think tanks in China and Turkey – National Energy Investments in Turkey in the Context of “One Belt, One Road” Example of Projects in ”. published its reports. 


“Sustainable Development Practices Report of Chinese Enterprises in Turkey” is a report with the theme “Let’s Learn from Zero Carbon Values, Let’s Continue the China-Turkey Cooperation”. This report consists of four parts: “Let’s Live Together – Let’s Complete Each Other”, “Let’s Build Together – Let’s Help Each Other”, “Together Integration – Let’s Connect People’s Hearts” and “Let’s Perceive Together – Let’s Develop Over Time”. 

A new friendship page

The aforementioned report aims to open a new page of friendship between the businesses and peoples of the two countries, such as the National Energy Investment Corporation, China Electric Power Construction, China Energy Construction, China Chemical, China Railway Vehicles Company and China National Machinery Industry Company. presents typical examples of Chinese businesses applying the concept of development and fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities and their positive effects.

In the section titled “Let’s Live Together – Complete Each Other”, the new “Green Energy + Ecology + Livelihood” model of Adıyaman’s 10,835 MW ground-mounted photovoltaic project, as well as Turkey’s Kazan Natural Alkaline and Combined Power Plant Project and Turkey’s Antalya Waste Waste The carbon emission applications of the Power Plant renovation project are exhibited. At the same time, this episode shows how Chinese companies are taking practical steps to promote a zero-carbon future with advanced technologies, green emissions and fight climate change. 



In the section titled “Let’s Build Together – Help Each Other”, a series of high-quality projects invested and built by Chinese enterprises in Turkey, demonstrating the practical actions of Chinese enterprises to gradually and deeply participate in Turkey’s economic development and contribute to the progress of the local community. is explained. 

The chapter titled “Integration Together – Let’s Unite People’s Hearts” states that Chinese businesses have always strictly adhered to international conventions and local laws and regulations, respected local religious beliefs and customs, and contributed to building friendship between China and Turkey with their enthusiasm for public welfare and philanthropy. 

The chapter titled “Let’s Perceive Together – Develop Over Time” introduces the practical measures Chinese enterprises have taken in terms of security management, compliance process, human resource training, and a scientific and standardized supply chain management model. The report highlights the management philosophy of Chinese companies, particularly focusing on humanity and respecting knowledge and talent. Alongside this, the humanitarian concern of Chinese companies is demonstrated through practical measures such as providing a mechanism for talent promotion, renewing training models, promoting the realization of employee values, and actively promoting local employment. 

The road of the new future between the two countries

“Strengthening Cooperation in the Development of Green Energy and Energy Industry – The Example of National Energy Investments Projects in Turkey in the Context of “One Belt, One Road”, a report on the cooperation between think tanks in China and Turkey, is the first sector report on China-Turkey cooperation. . Focusing on the prospects for international cooperation in the field of green energy, the report was compiled by experts from the Institute of Environmental – Mediterranean Studies from Zhejiang International Studies University and Izmir University of Economics in Turkey. 

The report is divided into four sections: “Current Development of Chinese Energy Companies in Turkey”, “Current Situation of Turkey’s Energy and Electric Power Industry”, “Opportunities and Challenges of China-Turkey Cooperation in Developing Green Energy and Electricity Industry” and “Policy Recommendations”. is formed. While presenting an in-depth analysis of the situation in the Turkish industry, the report explores the way to build future energy for both China and Turkey.


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