Confcommercio: at Christmas average spending on gifts at 157 euros


Confcommercio has summed up the analysis of thirteenth month payments and Christmas consumption . This year the holidays will be marked by rising prices and high bills. In fact, the average per capita expenditure will drop to 157 euros for this very reason , but there may be some positive surprises. “Dear energy and inflation, which remains high, albeit slowing down, make the Christmas period uncertain. An uncertainty mitigated by the growth in household and business confidence and by the increase in purchases during Black Friday. In order to relaunch growth, above all internal demand must be strengthened, accelerating the fiscal pact announced by the Government”, explains the president of Confcommercio, Carlo Sangalli. 


The propensity of Italians to give gifts is always high, at 41.7%, but it is now far from 2015 when it was 52.5%. Thirteenth – month companies rise for employees and pensioners to 47.3 billion in net volume. However, fixed expenses and the increase in energy prices take away 13.5 billion. The figure allocated to bills for 2022 increases by 6 billion against 1.9 billion in 2021. Consumption from the 13th year thus falls to 1,532 euros per family, the lowest level in the last 15 years. This does not necessarily mean lower consumption in December and it all depends on previous trust and support. The 2022 black week with consumption growing by 14.3% represented an excellent omen for total consumption in December.

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