Colorful suitcase advice against getting lost in Germany

Germany’s Frankfurt Airport authorities offered a different advice to the problem of luggage lost at the airport due to staff shortages. This statement of the authorities, stating that instead of a black suitcase, a striking colored suitcase, suitcase strap, different big label or colored ribbon would be beneficial, found a humorous approach in the German press.

Staff shortages arose as airlines and airports reduced staff during the COVID-19 Outbreak, And With The Increase In Airline Tourism, Which Was Revived After The Epidemic. Various creative tips were offered by Frankfurt Airport to the increasing complaints due to flight cancellations due to personnel shortages, inadequate ground services, chaos and lost luggage.



Authorities, in a statement on 20 July, stated that passengers mostly prefer black suitcases and said, “Many people travel with black suitcases. This makes finding luggage very time consuming. Individual stickers, a colored luggage strap, a sign attached with cloth tape, colored suitcase covers or even a piece of gift ribbon have proven useful.

In the statement, the recommendation to write clearly visible and legible property and address information on both the inside and outside of luggage was also noted, as security forces ‘absolutely’ do not recommend a luggage tag with names and addresses for security reasons.


For This Statement, Which Received A Humorous Response In The German press, Bild media outlet “Please no more black suitcases!” It was stated that there were 2,000 lost suitcases waiting to be claimed at the airport. Frankfurt Airport officials, Germany’s largest Airport , were criticized for stating that passengers use too many black suitcases instead of solving the shortage of personnel, and the police gave the opposite advice.


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