Cold: Here’s how to use hot water bottles and blankets

Cold: Here’s how to use hot water bottles and blankets.


To combat the cold we use every means, even some thermal devices, as well as warm clothes and hot drinks. An example is the classic warmer. Some risks may be represented by the so-called warmer rash. However, it can be treated and prevented. It is called “scaldino erythema”, if the correct name is used instead, we must speak of “ab igne erythema”. Among the aids to combat the cold is the hot water bottlebut it can cause risks and create rashes. In short, due attention must also be paid to defending oneself from the cold. Even positive solutions can present risks. 


Even in contact with moderate heat, the skin can become red in patches, which can then become brownish in the following hours. They are not dangerous unless caused by severe burns. However, attention must be paid to hot water bottles, electric blankets, portable warmers and overheating PCs. Here’s how to use heaters and hot water bottles correctly:

  • use clothes as a filter 
  • prefer coated bags, they allow you not to have the hot part directly in contact with the body
  • don’t overheat them, keep the heat low
  • use aloe vera for sunburn 
  • oral vitamin A supplements
  • laser therapy for scars is recommended in the most severe cases.


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