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CNR: first Mobile Research Unit integrated with drones


The conference is organized by the Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources of the Department of Earth System Sciences and Environmental Technologies (DSSTTA). The location is Pisa, it is the presentation of the new drone supplied to the CNR researchers. The conference has the collaboration of the Remote Service of the Pisa Research Area. It aims to promote to a large audience the activities that revolve around the use of UAS at a scientific level. The CNR explains in the context of the presentation of the last Researchers’ Night 2022:


The images collected during the flight, through a computer processing process, translate into interesting indices to describe what his eye sees from above. This process is always carried out in the laboratory, given the large amount of data and the necessary processing times. The unit is in fact equipped with technologies that allow the collection and live processing of all the information with the aim of promptly describing and monitoring the environment or the phenomenon we are observing. It is able to safely transport the instrumentation even in operation, as well as process the data acquired in real time anywhere.

The new Mobile Unit includes advanced tools:

  • internal and external drone command and control unit
  • high performance processing server
  • broadband internet connection (also via satellite) to send telemetry data and drone sensors in real time
  • drone warehouse/storage
  • batteries and other equipment
  • air conditioning system with air extraction chimney to keep the rooms at an optimal temperature
  • portable power system up to 5KW

The storage compartment has been designed to carry up to 6 medium-sized drones weighing over 5 kg. The command and control station can also be used with the simultaneous use of all transported drones.



  • CNR: Inauguration of the first Mobile Research Unit integrated with Drones (


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