Citizenship income: what will happen to it?


Clashes between Giorgia Meloni and the Minister of Labor Marina Elvira Calderone (independent). The first wants to eliminate the basic income for all employable people: those who can work must not receive state support. the other wants to understand who the employable people are and their conditions. That is, whoever is in a position to need financial support .


Understanding who the employable people really are is equivalent to giving the right value to the basic income. To find out, you need to check the non-employable group and therefore reduce the expenditure of the basic income. However, it is very complicated to do so in such a dark period with the economic crisis, high bills and unemployment at 34.6%. Citizenship income costs the State 9 billion euros a year. The basic income will therefore be reformed to exclude the so-called ” employable “.

There are around 900,000 employable people, according to Anpal instead 660,000 units, but INPS has just 372,000. Labor Minister Marina Elvira Calderone has always shown that she has no hostile behavior towards basic income. According to the minister, indeed, it should be increased, like the sanctions for those who do not comply with the obligation. Calderone wants to maintain the subsidy also for the so-called employable, given that the unemployed are not by choice. Therefore it is useless to leave them without any help, it would aggravate everyone’s situation.

  • Citizenship income cancelled? Only Minister Calderone can save the measure (


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