Citizenship income: the bonus of 150 euros is coming


Citizenship income: the bonus of 150 euros is coming.

Soon those who receive the basic income will receive the expected bonus of 150 euros on the RdC card. From December, people who meet the criteria will have an increase in the amount thanks to the crediting of the bonus. The criteria for re-entering it are to receive the citizen’s income and that no other component is entitled to the allowance for another title. 


Whoever gets this 150 euro bonus will wonder how to spend it, and it will only have to be applied to certain types of spending and purchases. Here’s what you need to know about it. The bonus is a way to support families in economic difficulty. It will allow retired, employed and self-employed people, the unemployed and those with CIs to feel some relief. 

Those who receive the basic income will be the one who will have to spend the bonus only according to the rules established for the RdC. For example, they will not be able to use it for jewelry or fur articles. Instead, it will be possible to use it to pay bills, go shopping, buy groceries, medicines, medical visits and school supplies. Moreover, also for cultural events. The 150 euro bonus will be available for sporting goods, sports courses, beauty, petrol, clothing, public transport and household appliances. The contribution must be spent by the end of December 


  • Bonus 150 euro citizen’s income: what can it be spent on? (


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