Christmas cactus: one of the most loved winter plants in the world


Christmas cactus is native to Brazil and also grows attached to trees. Its ideal environment is the heated one of the apartments to grow luxuriant and flourishing. Its flowers bloom as the winter holidays approach, hence its name. It has been imported into Europe as a houseplant. 


Between December and January is the right time to admire the flowers of the Christmas cactus. The colors range from pink to red and purple to purplish red. It should not be placed near a door that is often opened, nor too close to a radiator or fireplace. The ideal temperature is 20 degrees, to prolong its flowering it should be placed in a bright room. During the summer it prefers the open air and a shaded location. From September it can be transferred indoors. In winter , its ideal location is on the inside of a window sill. 

Christmas cactus is dangerous for pets , ingesting some parts of the plant can cause diarrhea or vomiting. Having been born in a humid climate such as that of tropical forests, attention must be paid to watering . It must be done regularly and little by little, the soil must remain moist, but without stagnation . In summer, watering with a nebulizer is enough, especially in the evening. Excessive watering can cause rot and plant death, also caused by fungi. The soil should only be hydrated when dry and in winter water only once or twice a week. 

The plant loves soils with acidic pH and peat. Fertilization will have to be stopped when the flowers are gone Fertilization should be done in the spring months. For the propagation of the cactus use the previous year’s stems dried for a couple of days before planting them. Another way for cactus to reproduce is hand pollination . Longevity can reach 20-30 years of life. The Christmas cactus is one of the most beloved winter plants in the world! 


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