Chinese message from Stoltenberg

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said, “We do not see China as an enemy. “We will continue our relations with China as long as it is in our interests,” he said.

The two-day NATO Foreign Ministers Meeting held in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, came to an end. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg held a press conference after the sessions ended.


Stating that Russia’s attacks and NATO’s support for Ukraine were discussed at the working dinner, which was also attended by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba last night, Stoltenberg said, “Ukraine has made significant progress. But we should not underestimate Russia. Russian missiles and drones continue to strike cities, civilians and important infrastructure. These attacks cause a lot of people to suffer with the onset of the winter season. NATO Foreign Ministers made it clear that our continued military support to Ukraine, in particular air defense support, is essential. “I welcome the new commitments from the Allies,” he said.


Making statements regarding Ukraine’s application for NATO membership, Stoltenberg said, “Our most urgent task right now is to ensure that Ukraine becomes a sovereign, independent, democratic state in Europe. To achieve this, we need to do our best to provide military, economic, financial and humanitarian support to Ukraine. We are doing exactly that right now. Unless Ukraine wins the war as an independent sovereign state, then, of course, membership is not on the table. Because we will not have a candidate member in Ukraine. So whatever you think about when Ukraine can become a member, the prerequisite for this issue to be on the table is that Ukraine wins, and we are helping Ukraine do that.”


In the first session held today, China’s NATO Stating that the long-term threats to the interests, values ​​and security of their countries were discussed, Stoltenberg said, “NATO is an alliance of Europe and North America. But the challenges we face are global. We must tackle these challenges together in NATO. We do not see China as an enemy. “We will continue our relations with China as long as it is in our interests,” he said. Stating that the foreign ministers evaluated China’s military and technological advances and its developing cyber and hybrid activities, Stoltenberg said, “The war in Ukraine showed our dependence on Russian gas. This should also lead us to consider our reliance on other authoritarian regimes over our supply chains, technology or infrastructure, particularly China. Of course, we will continue to establish trade and economic relations with China. But we must be aware of our addictions,” he said.


Stating that the foreign ministers of NATO, Stoltenberg, also discussed the issue of terrorism, which poses a threat to the security of the allies, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said, “We experienced this last time in the terrible attack in Istanbul. “The ministers agreed that we must continue our efforts to combat this threat,” he said.

Stating that the foreign ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Moldova, the NATO partners under Russian pressure, attended the last session, Stoltenberg said that common security concerns and ways to strengthen cooperation were discussed, and that the allies agreed to increase their support for these countries.


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