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Russian President Vladimir Putin, during his meeting with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping via videoconference, said that they want to increase cooperation between the Russian and Chinese armies. “China will play a constructive role in peaceful resolution of the Ukraine crisis,” Xi said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping via videoconference. Stating that the relations between Russia and China have passed important tests, Putin said, “In the face of increasing geopolitical tensions, the importance of the Russian-Chinese strategic partnership as a stabilizing factor is increasing. Our relations show endurance and stability against all tests, and continue to develop dynamically. As we have mentioned before. “These ties represent the best model in the history of great power cooperation in the 21st century,” he said.


Reminding that they met face to face during the Olympics held in Beijing this year and at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit held in Samarkand, Putin invited Xi Jinping to Moscow in the coming spring. Putin said, “We will continue our bilateral talks next year. I have no doubt that we will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with you. Mr. President, I expect you to visit Moscow next spring. It will be an important political event,” he said.


Next year we will increase the pressure volume even more. We see a significant increase in the trade of agricultural products. In the January-November period, trade increased by 36 percent and reached 6 billion dollars,” he shared important data on the commercial relations between Russia and China.


Emphasizing that they maintain a strategic partnership with China in the crisis between the USA and Western countries, Putin said, “Of course, military and military-technical cooperation, which contributes to ensuring the security of our countries and ensuring stability in key regions, extends across the entire spectrum of Russian-Chinese cooperation and “We aim to strengthen the cooperation between the Russian and Chinese armed forces,” he said.

Putin said, “The coordination of Moscow and Beijing in the international arena such as the UN Security Council, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, BRICS, G20 serves to establish a just world order based on international law. We defend principled positions in the face of unprecedented pressure and provocations from the West, and only “We protect not only our interests, but also all those who defend a truly democratic world order and the right of countries to freely determine their destiny,” he said.


At the end of the meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin also celebrated the New Year of Xi and the Chinese people.

Chinese President Xi Jinping pointed out that the trade between China and Russia reached a record level in the first 11 months of 2022 and said that energy cooperation played a balancing roleXi said that in order to combat the current chaos in the international situation, China and Russia should strengthen strategic cooperation and communication and instill more stability in the world. Pointing out that the two countries have made positive progress in cooperation in different fields such as economy, trade, energy, finance and agriculture, Xi Jinping underlined the necessity of expanding cooperation in the fields of traditional energies and new energies.

“Facts have proven time and again that sanction attempts are doomed to failure”
“China has been optimizing its measures to combat the coronavirus epidemic in recent days. We want to re-establish regular personnel contacts with all countries, including Russia,” Xi said. Pointing out that the world is at a historical crossroads, Chinese President Xi said, “Either the Cold War mentality will prevail and divisions and conflicts and intergroup conflicts will be strengthened, or equality, mutual respect and win-win cooperation will be implemented based on the common good of humanity. “It is a test for the wisdom of the country’s statesmen and the rationality of all humanity. It has been proven over and over again by the facts that the containment and repression attempts were not supported, and that the sanctions attempts were doomed to failure,” he said.

“We must resist the intervention and sabotage of foreign powers hand in hand”
Noting that China desires to work with Russia and other powers in the world, which oppose hegemonism and power politics, Xi Jinping said, “The two sides should ensure close coordination and cooperation in international relations, exercise the authority of the UN and the international It should play an exemplary role by assuming the responsibility of major countries in protecting the law, protecting global food and energy security by supporting genuine multilateralism,” he said.
Pointing out that China and Russia should continue to strengthen unity and trust between all countries within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Xi said, “We must hand in hand resist interference and sabotage by foreign powers.”

” China will play a constructive role in the peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian crisis”
The two leaders also exchanged views on the Ukraine crisis. Xi Jinping said that China is pleased to see that Russia Has Not Rejected The Option Of Resolving The Conflict Through Diplomacy And Negotiation. Pointing out that the road to peace talks will not be smooth, Xi said that the possibility of peace is always present. “China will maintain its objective and fair position and play a constructive role in the peaceful resolution of the Ukraine crisis by enabling the international community to form a joint force,” Xi said.

On the other hand, China and Russia, Vladimir Putin During his visit to Beijing in early February, he announced that bilateral relations were at the level of “unlimited partnership”. Shortly after, Putin launched a “special military operation” against Ukraine.
China, which refrains from condemning Russia’s attacks on Ukraine and describing it as “occupation”, on the other hand, did not provide Russia with weapons or material support in the process in order not to be exposed to Western sanctions.


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