Chinese aircraft carriers on the move: what happened

Chinese aircraft carriers on the move: what happened.


Beijing’s air force and navy have seen an impressive array of air and naval units. In this scenario, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy aircraft carrier CNS Liaoning (CV-16), escorted by a record number of 10,000-ton Type 055 fighters, passed through the Miyako Strait and arrived in the Western Pacific for exercises routinely. boarded J-15 fighters on the same day, Japan adopted a national security strategy, abandoning the principle of postwar defense and announcing plans to acquire the first cruise missiles capable of early strikes to be more offensive against threats of China.


As the most powerful aircraft carrier group led by the aircraft carrier Liaoning , China’s naval units are expected to conduct various combat-oriented exercises outside the first island chain, enhancing their ability to protect national sovereignty, territorial integrity and the interests of economic and military development.

China has three aircraft carriers the CNS Liaoning (CV-16), the CNS Shandong (CV-17) and the new Fujian (CV-18) and three 35,000-ton Type 075-class units, assault units that deploy aircraft at rotary wing and in the near future, it is assumed, also aircraft with short take-off and vertical landing. This May, the strike group conducted offshore exercises in the western Pacific Ocean, east of the island of Taiwan and south of Japan . More than 300 sorties were flown in about 20 days in what was the longest and most intense Chinese carrier exercise in the region.


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