Children: in Italy they eat badly and do little physical activity


The social media campaign “Health is built from children” aimed at girls and boys of school age and families has been launched. The initiative is promoted by the National Center for Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (CNAPPS) of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS). The social campaign aims to promote healthy lifestyles by giving indications on nutrition and physical activity. These are online appointments every 10-15 days, 9 videos, 74 information pills, three infographics, and 2 videos, and 9 information sheets with insights.


The topics are active mobility, breakfast, snacks, school physical activityproper nutrition, consumption of fruit, vegetables, and water, and physical inactivity. According to statistics, one in 3 children is overweight. For example, one in 10 children does not eat breakfast and about 1 in 3 does it wrong. Not having the right nutritional intake, he then tends to eat more at lunch or as a snack.

Only one in 4 children walks or cycles to school. So he can’t carry out the right movement from the morning , essential for learning and concentration. If children eat too much mid-morning snack, then they won’t be hungry at the next meal. A clear risk of being overweight 

Almost half of the classes at school do not do two hours of recommended physical activity. An advantage for children is to exercise to benefit from studying and reduce sedentary lifestyle . Furthermore, one in 5 children does not do motor activity every day, instead they should do at least one hour of motor activity a day. 


Almost one in 4 children does not eat fruit and vegetables every day: they do not reach the recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetables. One in 4 children consume sugary and carbonated drinks every day. They have a high sugar content which could lead to weight gain, diabetes and tooth decay. Almost one in 2 children spend more than two hours in front of the TV or other devices such as cell phones, video games and tablets. Then there are also the hours in which they sit at school, so a sedentary lifestyle increases the child’s health risks, decreasing his social life .

  • Italian children move little and eat badly. Social campaign of the ISS for a healthy diet and the right movement (


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